What is the meaning of unknown?

The meaning of unknown is I do not know. The meaning of unknown is not nothing. It is better to say I do not know than to say it is nothing.


Because it is not logical.

For example:  Can human dreams connect to the unknown universal in some way? 

You can say I do not know, but you cannot say it is impossible, unless you can prove it is really impossible.

This may be the most important psychological complex of modern people. 

They dare not to study the unknown. They deny them. 

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What is the meaning of the death of the aid workers?

During the famine in March 2017 in South Sudan, six aid workers were killed when they have been travelling from Juba to a northeast town of Pibor. The news did not tell how much aid or food they were carrying by the time. Unknown forces have ambushed them. It was not the first time aid workers got killed. 12 have been killed this year alone and there have been a number of other attacks on aid convoys and warehouses.  

To help a famine country like South Sudan is no easy job. It should not be the job of ordinary aid organizations. This is only common sense that it takes an army to do that. 

And before you try to help, you need to unarm the rebels and even the Government forces in South Sudan.

That means, if you are for real, you need to do that. The so-called Non Government Organizations are simply not suitable to do it.
And that is why wisdoms are not wisdoms if they are not supported with a real power.

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Why is it so important to have wisdom ?

It seems to be a simple wisdom. The famine happened in Somalia now is repeating it about 30 years ago or even hundreds of years ago. Whenever there is a good weather, grasses growing well, people are happy. They will try their best to have more cattle. And the cattle will consume all grasses, bringing in bad weather and drought.

Actually it is not only Africa. Global warming and lots of other human behaviors are the same.

Do human beings have not have enough wisdom? 

No they do.

But why are things still happen?

It is because the wisdom is not in the hands of power.

Power means the strength people use it to organize themselves.

To have a leader of wisdom is utmost important. 

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Why there are famines?

According to an article (March 15, 2007) from BBC, The UN says in all nearly 20 million people are at risk of starvation. 

World Food Programme country director Joyce Luma says, "This famine is man-made." 
The main cause of the famine is conflict.
South Sudan has now been at war since 2013 and more than 3 million people have been forced to flee their homes. 

The numbers of food shortage are listed here:
South Sudan (4.9m) Ethiopia (5.6m), Yemen (17m) Kenya (2.7m), Somalia (2.9m) 

It is a total of 33.1 million people starving.

War might not be the only reason. There is a drought in Somalia. Cattle cannot live on a land without grass, and the families have no means to live without their livestock. 

It seems other people on the same planet can do nothing to save the situation. 

We need to have more wisdom to know what is going on and how we can help.

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What is European Complex ?

It is like a self-sustainable closed fish tank. 

Put enough plants, air, and very small fish in the tank, the fish will not die for a long time, perhaps they can live permanently. Its because the plants would produce air for the fish, and the fish produce substances for the plant to live. If it is balanced in a closed place, it is self-sustainable.

European complex is the same. They are only thinking of commerce. Commerce is the basic circuit of every thing. If you can make some thing and then encourage people to buy it, it will create a healthy balance of jobs and production and market, etc. The banking system and money flow are like water and air in the fish tank. When every thing is arranged properly, people will live permanently.

Market is a very important factor in commerce. When you build a factory, you need a market. Europeans had colonies before, now the colony markets had disappeared; they wish to build a market in their own home, using every commercial technique. That is the thing called EU.

However, the Europeans had forgotten one thing. Commerce is secondary. First you need to create   new things. You cannot survive in the old items. Next you need to grow. Self-sustainable is the same as not growing. You can always limit population to a certain extend, but you cannot do away aging. 

The Europeans had stopped creating in a long time. It is because commerce had given them a good time. If you can sell, no matter it is opium or anything, you can make money. 

But now the balance is gone. Only the complex remains. They thought commerce could save them.  

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What is Chinese Complex?

Qin Shi Huang, the first Chinese emperor had been thinking how to rule effectively until he read a book by Han Fei, which run a line like this:  'It is perfect to rule in the mind, the next choice is to rule in the words, and the last choice is to rule in the matters.'

To rule in the mind is to promote moral, or li, which is a complete set of behavior conducts.

Confucius was very angry when his student Fan Chi asked to study agriculture. Confucius said, it is useless to study the method of agriculture. If the kings promote the Li well, then every thing would be in track and need not to care about. 

It is very similar to Indian Complex, which can never get out from the debate whether desire should be suppressed or not.

Now the Chinese theme had been used for two thousand years, and thoughts had been knitted tightly on the net of moral. Few could run away.                                         
Can you keep your creative mind flying and neglect or forget about moral?

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What is Indian Complex?

Indian Complex comes from very early Indian culture development. In the early times, some Indian leading thinkers created stories about the ancient gods. They are created as sex-oriented gods. The gods liked sex and admired sex. As a result, lots other thinkers and philosophers and religious leaders tried to down play the sex-oriented nature of the Indian culture. Concentration had fallen into the wish to suppress desire. And the Indian Complex had developed since then. Whether to promote desire or suppress desire had become the main concern of all thinkers. The Indian culture was trapped into this very concern and neglected other important issue.  

Please refer to a book by Leechard: "Who will be rich tomorrow". It is written in Chinese.

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Which is the most important language

Any one would tell you English is the most important one to communicate with the world.

However, language is more than communication.

Language is also a skill to think.

Chinese language has more connections with the right brain. It's a direct link to the thought through symbols. Though the connections are in many ways still unknown, but it is definitely different from English, which is more sequential and works in a linear manner more than Chinese.

English is the most important language now. Chinese would be more useful for serious thinkers in the future. 

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